Lançamento: 09 de janeiro de 1989 | História

1. Intro - 0:53
2. The Big Money - 5:52
3. Subdivisions - 5:19
4. Marathon - 6:32
5. Turn The Page - 4:40
6. Manhattan Project - 5:00
7. Mission - 5:44
8. Distant Early Warning - 5:18
9. Mystic Rhythms - 5:32
10. Witch Hunt (Part III Of Fear) - 3:55
11. The Rhythm Method (Drum Solo) - 4:34
12. Force Ten - 4:50
13. Time Stand Still - 5:10
14. Red Sector A - 5:12
15. Closer To The Heart - 4:53

Produced by Rush
Engineered by Paul Northfield

Geddy Lee-bass guitar, synthesizers, vocals
Alex Lifeson-guitars, synthesizers, backing vocals
Neil Peart-acoustic and electronic percussion

Recorded during the Hold Your Fire tour '88: Birmingham UK, New Orleans, Phoenix, and San Diego; and the Power Windows tour '86: Meadowlands, New Jersey.
Live recording by Le Mobile, assisted by Dave Roberts; and Advision Mobile, assisted by Gary Stewart and Peter Craigie. Engineered by Guy Charbonneau.
Executive Production by Val Azzoli.

Mixed at McClear Place Studios, Toronto, assisted by Rick Anderson
Mastered by Bob Ludwig and Brian Lee at Gateway Mastering Studios, Portland, Maine

Art Direction and Design by Hugh Syme
Photography by Fin Costello and Dimo Safari
The Rockin' Constructivists created by John Halfpenny

The voice of Aimee Mann appears courtesy of Epic Records.

Management by Ray Danniels, SRO Management Inc., Toronto
Tour Manager and Lighting Director: Howard Ungerleider
President and Stage Manager: Liam Birt
Production Manager: Nick Kotos
Concert Sound Engineer: Jon Erickson
Stage Left Technician: Skip Gildersleeve
Centre Stage Technician: Larry Allen
Stage Right Technician: Jim Johnson
Synthesizer Care and Feeding: Tony Geranios
Stage Monitor Engineer: Steve Byron
Concert Projectionist: Lee Tenner
Personal Shreve: Kevin Flewitt
Carpenter (and Stage Right Assistant): George Steinert

Concert Sound by Audio Analysts; Michael Caron, Paul Parker, Dan Schriber and Mike Mule
Lighting and See Factor Inc; Frank Sciling, Jack Funk, Conrad Coriz, Roy Niendorf, Ethan Weber, Russell Sladek
Varilites: Matthew Druzbik, Daniel Koniar, Bill Snawder
Rear Screen Projections created by Keen Pitures, Norman Stangl
Concert Rigging by Myriad/One: Billy Collins, Don Collins, Tim Wendt, Bill Spoon
Lasers by Laser Media: Craig Spredeman; and Laserlite FX: Stev Magyar
Drivers: Tom Whittaker, Mac MacLear, John Davis, Daniel Harmer, Tom Hartman, Leonard Southwick, Bill Barlow, Rande Wolters, and Russell Fleming
Booking Agencies: International Creative Management, NYC, The Agency Group, London; The Agency, Toronto

For valuable and continuing technical assistance we would like to thank Jim Burgess and Saved By Technology, Wal basses, Signature guitars, Ludwig drums, Avedis Zildjian cymbals, Russ Heinl, and The Percussion Center, Fort Wayne.
And at SRO/Anthem: Wayner, Stu Gaatz, Pegi, Sheila, Kim, Evelyn, Bob, Cindy, Wall-Tor, Linda and Pat.

Dedicated to the memory of Sam Charters (Screvato)

Mercury, January 10, 1989
© 1989 Mercury Records © 1989 Anthem Entertainment